Certified Computer Services offers professional consultation and suggestions for your improving or setting up or maintaining business’ technology. We provide everything from one time repairs to contractual agreements to full service outsourced administration.

Certified Computer Services will provide assistance in getting started and maintaining in-house networks wireless, Ethernet or using one of our turnkey packages, which includes ISP selection, service plan selection, e-mail, and high speed connections (i.e. T1, Fractional T1, DSL, or cable modem). We can also provide training, any all office equiptment, and any associated installations.

Our prices are very reasonable, and our team members are friendly and willing to listen to you.

Certified Computer Services offers many different solutions and services customized to our client’s needs. Below is a sample of our more popular services, but please feel free to contact us if you do not see exactly what you are looking for. We will gladly answer any questions you may have about our services or the Internet in general.

  • Outsourced Technology Administration
  • Maintenance Solutions
  • Network Solutions
  • Technical Support
  • Website and Web Presents Solutions

We stand behind our technology and services with a certified service guarantee for any work performed by our team.

Providing Information Technology services to all business users with a Satisfaction Smile.

Certified Computer Services offers a wide range of technology services for small businesses; home office workers and personal users. If you do not see your needs here please call us at (973) 377.7885

Local Area Networks

Create and maintain Local Area Networks for your Home or Business by harnessing the power of Hi-Speed Internet to share documents, photos or files. Certified Computer Services specializes in Server Computing, Cat 5 Cable Wiring and Hi-Speed Ethernet Setup.

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Web Development

Are you a business? Do you need an online presence? Certified Computer Services offers the best in Web Site Design and Development across all platforms including PHP, HTML, CSS, and WordPress. Certified Computer Specialists focuses on intelligent and sleek design while coding our sites with the latest in Search Engine Optimization Techniques. Contact us today for a price quote.

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Network Security (Firewalls,IDS)

Protect your office or home network with our Network Security package that include Firewall and IDS platforms geared toward preventing malicious software or individuals from compromising your private information. Firewalls are designed to prevent systems from becoming corrupted by unintended software, websites, or downloads, while IDS or Intruder Detection Systems isolates the threats and identifies digital fingerprints through IP addresses.

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Internet Access

Our basic internet package includes router setup from your local hi-speed internet provider, wireless access to all of your mobile devices and any hi-speed internet networking cables that are required in your home or business. Our internet turnkey is our most common package for new homes or business start-ups that require immediate access to communications in a new space.

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System Administration

Our team of technical administrative professionals are here to manage and maintain large and small business networks. With Administrative tools, business owners find increased productivity with internet monitoring and closed circuit television streams in a effort to keep employees focused on the task at hand.

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Enterprise Email

Make your office communicate in unison with a variety of Enterprise Email packages with limited to unlimited email box storage, forwarding accounts and mobile email servers for communications while on the road. Our Email packages include third party setup with Gmail, Outlook or Mac Mail and have a variety of SMTP options for offices with the need for a higher number of daily email relays.

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Remote Access Setup / Virtual Private Networks (VPN)

Stuck at home because of bad weather, overtime hours, or illness? Fear not, with our turnkey remote access and Virtual Private Networks your office computer is a click away. Security for remote access systems is a top priority for business owners. To keep information private our VPN system who hard-line connections and firewalls to prevent against unintended user system access.

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Virus Protection and Removal

We know there is nothing more frustrating than having your computer infected with a virus. They can infect your system anywhere, from something as simple as just surfing the internet. At Certified Computer Services we take pride if your virus detection and removal services. Our software alters of users of potential threats and our specialist teams removes any bugs, returning your systems to peak performance.

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On-Site Repair Service & Technical Support

Did something break? Do you need a professional to fix it correctly before any more damage is done? Certified Computer Services offers the best in on-site repair. Please contact us for price quotes and availability for all types of networking, software, and computer systems.

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